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Physician OPTAM co  contracted surgeon
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Associate member, medalist of the French National Academy of Surgery: "Eventrations post-opératoires, étude de deux nouveaux procédés" (incisional hernias, study of two new procedures)  (thesis prize).  


Stoppa Prize: Best Video, and contribution, TOKYO- APHS HERNIA WEEK 2016- Tokyo, Japan: “The use of the new target mesh for the treatment of the small umbilical hernia with an open minimal invasive surgery”.


 Accredited by the High Authority for Health (HAS).

Reviewer for the journal Hernia, the main journal concerning parietal surgery, which is distributed worldwide.

Member of the scientific council of DEKRA Certification (France), a company accredited by COFRAC which certifies innovative mobile applications and sites for better connected living.

​Certifying and auditing body - DEKRA Certification (France)

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Expertise field

The surgical activity is voluntarily limited to very specialized areas (abdominal wall…), with recourse to recent techniques allowing in all cases to update and improve permanently the surgical acts for which we have a great experience.


This is particularly the case for   groin hernias surgery and the surgery of small ventral incisional hernias where we promote the development of minimally invasive techniques most often carried out in outpatient surgery, techniques which have led us to avoid laparoscopic surgery, more invasive because most often requiring general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation and use of curarizing product, and insufflation of gas to create the operating space, etc...

Groin hernia surgery

Through a single inguinal orifice : Minimal Open Preperitoneal technique (MOPP). A recent evolution of the Ugahary technique and the Trans Inguinal Pre Peritoneal (TIPP) technique, leading to the development in 2011 of this MOPP technique which consists of placing the prosthetic material within the deep part of the abdominal wall by a mini incision, without contact with the nerves of the groin, without tension or suturing, most often under “light” general anesthesia without endotracheal intubation and without curarization.


Minimally invasive surgery for umbilical and epigastric hernias and small ventral incisional hernias.

According to the same concept of open minimal surgery by mini aesthetic incision with or without prosthesis (Ref blog post.)
We received the award “Stoppa Prize, APHS TOKYO 2016 : BEST Video presentation, and contribution to APHS 2016, TOKYO-HERNIA WEEK 2016- Tokyo, Japan, from October 27-October 28, 2016”.

(Video of an open technique for an umbilical hernia, with prosthesis).

Female abdominal wall surgery

In the context of "postpartum abdominal insufficiency", with treatment of associated diastasis and hernias, in collaboration with plastic surgery specialists for the joint treatment of excess abdominal skin and fat. In the same spirit, diastasis surgery with umbilical hernia in men. (ref blog post).

Follow-up and healthcare pathway.

All patients operated on the abdominal wall benefit from long-term follow-up, with anonymized recording of data in scientific registers allowing continuous monitoring of the quality of care.

The notion of healthcare circuit is essential in our approach, refocusing the patient and his pathology at the center of this pathway, we have collaborated in the creation of an application optimizing the care pathway of patients operated on for groin hernias.

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Surgery for hemorrhoids, pilonidal sinus disease, emergencies

According to the same concept of requirement, we treat other pathologies.

• Hemorrhoid surgery using the technique without resection, with mucopexies (reintegration of hemorrhoids in the intra-rectal position) and ligation of hemorrhoid vessels under Doppler control, thus eliminating their externalization and bleeding. This less invasive and less painful technique replaces in our experience the Longo Technique, and especially the Milligan and Morgan technique regularly responsible for difficult post-operative consequences for many weeks.

• Surgery for pilonidal sinus disease, which concerns young patients and can be particularly disabling in schoolchildren, students and young workers. To the classic techniques of large and mutilating resections we most often prefer the endoscopic technique, greatly minimizing postoperative pain, the cessation of personal, school, professional and sports activities. This technique was the subject of a communication (webinar) with our peers.

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