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Mesh 2023 Congress, Paris June 16

Dear friends,

a little throwback to our national Mesh congress, organized this year by the new French Society of Parietal Surgery-Club Hernie ( ), in Paris on June 16, 2023. The organization thus succeeding to the historic organizer Gérard Champault, then the Hernia Club (Jean François Gillion).

The organizers asked me to present:

"Inguinal hernias, TIPP: How to avoid complications?"

And yes it is a meeting with international participation, so preferably in English.

I introduced my presentation by quoting the remarkable work carried out by Jean François Gillion who wrote a chapter of the E-Learning DPC concerning the "Risk management of the treatment of groin hernias", a subject therefore very close to mine. This E-Learning will be the updated reference of what French parietology always at the top can present!

I did not reveal anything of his work which belongs to the SFCP-CH. But reading this work makes me say that the choice of TIPP (or MOPP for my personal variant) is in itself a way of avoiding many complications, if we compare this technique to the Lichtenstein technique and to endoscopic techniques. (See the latest significant publications)

It was to launch the atmosphere in front of my colleagues and specialist friends of these latest techniques...

In a few sentences I insisted on:

-The contribution of the pioneers (Nyhus, Ugahary)

-The minimally open and minimally invasive aspects of the TIPP technique (MOPP)

-The need to know and follow the recommendations and respect the contraindications (International guidelines)

-The need to scrupulously respect the TIPP (MOPP) "step by step" technique, the technique having been published several times and workshops being possible for colleagues wishing to train or improve.

For the next APHS congress in Penang Island Malaysia, September 21-23, 2023, I will present a subject that is also very similar:

"Prevention of pain in hernia surgery"

In addition to my usual, but increasingly “fashionable” topics:

- “Umbilical hernias: The Minimal Open approach with a small periumbilical incision using the preperitoneal space to place a mesh.

- "Technique MOPP (TIPP) to operate groin hernias"

But that's another subject, I will reported on it at the end of September.

Sincerely yours and long live "the pre-peritoneal open"


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