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Congress of The Korean Society of Endo-Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery : Seoul 25-29 april 2023

Mopp-Tipp is invited !

Dear Friends,

Here is the next step of our pilgrimage in favor of the open preperitoneal (MOPP-TIPP) to treat primary groin hernias.

And what could be more extraordinary than this invitation from my colleague Donghyoun Lee following my presentation at the last APHS congress in Ho Chi Minh City last November.

My presence at HCMC was "natural" because the Open Preperitoneal technique is really part of the panoply of techniques for treating groin hernias.

But in Seoul it is a robotic and endoscopic surgery congress. One of the most important surgery congresses in South Korea, organized by the Korean Society of Endo-Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery. The Chairman being Young Woo Kim from the National Cancer Center, Korea.

And I would be practically the only surgeon to present a non-robotic or endoscopic surgical technique!

The major themes of the congress being:

-Digestive, hepatic, pancreatic surgery, bariatric surgery, the complex pelvic organ prolapse, endocrine surgery. The artificial intelligence assisted medicine for assisted diagnosis for intraoperative guidance for postoperative ICU care. Endoscopic Pediatric surgery.

With many debates Laparoscopic vs. Robotic surgery.

And last but not least : A « small » hernia session

"The new season of hernia surgery evolution"

With two presentation about robotic surgery, one endoscopic, and the presentation of the open preperitoneal (MOPP-TIPP) by yours truly.

There was therefore a will from the organizers to give voice to the open minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of groin hernias which is the antithesis of endoscopy and robotics. We drew attention with our implacable arguments set out during the APHS congresses for many years and in particular at Ho Chi Minh City last November.

I summarize them here:

-The excellent results of the technique concerning the recurrence rate, postoperative and chronic pain, intraoperative complications, etc.

-The possibility of less invasive surgery, with lighter anesthesia.

-Benefits for elderly or frail patients.

-The absence of single use.

-The very significant reduction in the use of plastic and gas.

-And therefore a very favorable ecological balance sheet with a lower cost.

Here are the messages that I will present to my colleagues advocating endoscopic and robotic treatments!

Of course the statistical and bibliographical elements support the point.

There is therefore an important place for the MOPP-TIPP, and probably especially in countries where the choice of endoscopic or robotic is not reasonable or generalizable, if only from a financial point of view.

It will therefore be a real pleasure to return to Seoul after the APHS congress in 2010, when I accompanied Franz Ugahary, the pioneer of minimally invasive open preperitoneal surgery.

I would not fail to write a report of this visit to South Korea, I look forward to seeing how my presentation will be received. (At HCMC, my presentation had generated more positive comments than at previous congresses, hence this invitation…).

The next step is in Paris with the Mesh 2023 congress which will take place on Friday June 16, 2023.

The organizers have asked me to present “Inguinal hernia TIPP : How to avoid complications ? ". But this will be a new chapter!

See you soon from Seoul !


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