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The 52nd Congress of The Korean Society of Endo-Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery(KRERS), Seoul 2023

Dear friends,

The 52nd Congress of The Korean Society of Endo-Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery(KRERS), Seoul April 2023 is just finished!

A special thank to Donghyoun Lee, (now a friend) from the Scientific committee, for the invitation. He saw my lecture about the MOPP/ TIPP technique to operate primary groin hernias in Ho Chi Minh City during the Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS) Congress in November 2022.

And he Has the idea that in this KRERS congress dedicated for endoscopic and robotic techniques it was essential to also show the new open techniques called Open Pre Peritoneal techniques.

That’s why my lecture “MOPP(TIPP) Technique to Operate on groin hernias “ was included in the session “HERNIA:The New Season of Hernia Surgery Evolution. “

My presentation was associated with Laparoscopic and Robotic techniques :

-Laparoscopic iliopubic Tract Repair for Indirect Hernia(Sung Ryui Lee(Damsoyu Hospital, Korea)

-Robotic Inguinal Hernia Repair( Bong-Hyen Kye(The Catholic University of Korea College of Medecine, Korea)

But it was amazing to share also this session with my Friend Taketo Matsubara From Tokyo,his presentation “ Minimally Invasive Endoscopic (Robotic) Extraperitoneal Incisional Hernia Repair » was so interesting to demonstrate the superiority of endoscopic and robotic surgery versus open technique for some ventral defects!

So in this session about up to date techniques, it was once again for me the opportunity to defend and to promote the open pre peritoneal route.

Now in Europe we have a group working a lot to promote the real Minimal Invasive Pre peritoneal route : Willem Akkersdijk (Harderwijk, Pays-Bas), Gabriel Oliveira (Lisbonne, Portugal), Ralph Lorenz (Berlin, Allemagne), and myself!

But in Asia I am feeling quite alone.

Even if I am speaking about that since the Asia Pacific Hernia Society Congress in Singapore (2007!!). Firstly about the Ugahary technique .

But now the invitations are more insistent, I am thinking about the invitation for APHS congress in Vietnam in November 2022, thanks to Prof QUAN ANH TUAN!

And so this invitation for the KRERS congress in Seoul.

I was in this wonderful Town yet for the APHS meeting in 2012. But this time it is my first invitation in Asia for a congress not exclusively dedicated for abdominal wall surgery.

So I am pride for that!

And the adventure will continue with the next APHS congress in Penang, Malaisia Organizing by Chairman Dr Abdul Gafoor Abdul Mubarak and I hope so again for KSERS 2024 Congress in Daegu (South Korea ). And at last again Singapore with Davide Lomanto, so the circle comes back around !

In Europe it will be the Mesh congress, June 16 2023( ) with my lecture about

Groin hernias:TIPP how to avoid complications?

All the last publications showed the superiority of MOPP/TAPP versus Lichtenstein, and at least the equality between Open Pre Peritoneal and Endoscopic surgery.

But open pre peritoneal is less invasive with a low cost.

So the crusade continues… Long life to the open preperitoneal!



Taketo Matsubara, St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

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