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Actualités en chirurgie herniaire

Voilà un exemple d'étude que nous réalisons au niveau européen concernant notre engagement pour les études réellement minimales invasives pour traiter les hernies inguinales primaires.

Les confrères qui s'intéressent à cette chirurgie peuvent utiliser le lien et répondre au Quiz.

Le courrier s'adresse donc plus particulièrement aux confrères chirurgiens, mais il me plait de montrer à tous comment certains d'entres nous travaillent.

Dear Friends, We are working on a Delphi Consensus project about the optimal utility and application of Inguinal Hernia Surgery. Consensus statements (n=41) were developed at a preliminary meeting of an expert steering group on 16th December 2022.Members of this group included the following:

  • Dr Willem Akkersdijk

  • Dr Ralph Lorenz

  • Dr Gabriel Paiva de Oliveira

  • Dr Marc Soler

The statements derived are intended to be a starting point for establishing peer-consensus about the optimal utility and application of Inguinal Hernia Surgery. I am writing to you, on behalf of the expert steering, to ask if you would be willing to complete the questionnaire via the link below – it will take under 10 minutes. Your anonymous responses will be a source of data for the development of a consensus publication. Please review each statement and indicate your level of agreement with it (tick one box only per statement). Please only complete this questionnaire once. Whilst we will not share any personal details, it will be useful to us in the final analysis of all responses to these statements. All completed questionnaires will be collected and analysed by a third party (Triducive) and identifiable details will not be shared with anyone, including the steering group. Thank you for your consideration of this request and I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards See you during Mesh : Mesh 2023 June 16 2023 Paris France Marc

P.S Additional personal notes This group is promoting the open pre peritoneal approach. Willem Akkersdijk from Netherlands is the inventor of the TREPP technique, a pure open posterior approach. Ralph Lorenz from Germany uses several techniques for a tailoring approach, include TIPP technique. Gabriel Paiva de Oliveira from Portugal is promoting the Onstep technique.

I am (From France) doing the promotion of the modified TIPP technique, called MOPP technique (TIPP-Ugahary).

Hope to share with you around Groin hernia repair! Next lectures for me about Open Pre Peritoneal: KSERS 2023 The Korean Society of Endo-Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery. April 27-29 2023 Seoul Korea. “MOPP (TIPP) Technique to Operate on Groin Hernias”

Mesh 2023 June 16 2023 Paris France Hernie inguinale TIPP: “Comment éviter les complications (Groin hernias, how to avoid complications)”

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