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Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS) CONGRESS 2022, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dear Friends,

It is now a long story between APHS congresses and me !

Thanks to Franz Ugahary( the Pionner of the real Minimal invasive surgery to treat the groin hernias), i went to Singapore for the APHS congress in 2008, speaking about the Ugahary technique !. Then Bali, Indonésia 2009 ; Seoul, South Korea 2010 ; Hua Hin, Thailand 2012 ; Cebu, Philippines 2012; HONG KONG,2013; Jaipur India 2014 ; World Congress Milano 2015 ; Tokyo, Japan 2016 ; Bali, Indonésia 2019.

And this Year Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam For the 17th congress.

Again and again speaking about my favorites Topics :

-The open minimal invasive route to treat the Groin hernias and ventral hernias.

-The groin hernia surgery in the elderly and fragile patient

-The groin hernias repair after radical prostatectomie

-The open minimal invasive route to operate the small ventral defect : In my opinion no place for the endoscopic surgery and of course robotic !!

-The treatment of the diastasis recti with abdominoplasty.

It was the opportunities for many Debate Sessions, for example in Tokyo with Jaideeo Rao about the treatment of Umbilical hernia Open or Endoscopic ?! I was and i am more then ever in favor of the open Minimal invasive approach.

I saw in the program in HCMC the same Debate session between Jaideep Rao and Chen Lie !!

I can’t wait to be in the floor !!

It is incredible about the pariétal surgery the surgeons are fighting since one and half century, and with now the robotic surgery we have ahead decades of debate.

But the world change, we have to save the natural resources. the medical world must contribute, using less plastic, less fewer consumable parts, less energy. So I think that for the future, minimally invasive surgery will be the best when possible, especially to treat simple problems!

It is a real pleasure to be soon in Ho chi Minh City and to meet again all the Friends from this part of the world.

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